You are Enough!!

In a room full of people, you still feel like you are standing alone at the edge of emptiness. You can hear a lot of noise but still no words. You can see a lot of smiles yet everyone seems cold. You don’t understand sometimes why you keep yourself aways from people or why you have a deep sense of lack within yourself. You look into the future as if it is a strain to walk ahead, feeling awfully tired sometimes to go another day. You don’t even understand why and for who do you live this life. Loneliness is like a spell that grips you and keeps you away from normality. It is a feeling that makes you sink into a pit of darkness inside yourself. Keeps you stagnating and distrusting everyone who comes along. The intense insecurity and low self esteem does not allow you to participate but makes you stand by the peripheries simply watching the world go by. People don’t just reach this state of mind out of the blue. Different negative experiences lead them to shrink into a shell. Loneliness keeps you believing that you are alone, no one cares about you enough and no one will ever understand you. It’s a strong mind talk that will have to be worked on, if you want to get out of it’s vicious circle. It is important to pick yourself out of the negative fantasy and face reality. Even before anyone else cares about you, you would have to care about yourself. Instead of craving for another person’s attention you would need to give yourself the due respect and attention. Finding yourself again, your interest, hobbies, likes and dislikes as if you were newly getting to know yourself would be a good idea. Instead of heading into a social environment with the fear of being alone, head an event knowing you are enough. Daily activities such as making your bed, cleaning the cluter on your table, keeping your wardrobe clean, cleaning your car, listening to good music, etc. are just some of the ways to bring some clarity into your life again. When you build up your confidence to know that all you need is within you, you will detach from the need of people and when that happens, you will enjoy the company of those that walk into your life rather depend on them for comfort. Trust yourself more than the outside world. Seek your dreams, chase your vision and the world will follow. Expect more from yourself not from others. You will only be lonely, when you depend on someone else more than yourself for your happiness.

If you need help getting over these emotional challenges you may find yourself stuck in, do not hesitate to connect with me. It is my ernest endeavour to help you towards having a healthy and balanced mind.


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