Namaste ?
My name is Ramesh I am 76years old .
I came in contact with Manisha ji through my daughter . I had a spine surgery done and my recovery was not happening. My daughter trusted her so she wanted Manisha ji to look into my case . I just dint know how such a thing can help but I dint have choice as we had tried everything and it was just not working. Reluctantly but with some hope I met her for the session and I found out very deep rooted cause for all that had happened in my life.

Manisha ji worked on my mental instability due to insecurities , stubbornness and anger issues.
Slowly but steadily I could see changes In my behaviour r as i had started accepting some facts of life which I refused to addressed too.

Physically I started improving slowly but gradually. I did few Family constellation sessions with her sometime in her presence sometime from distance .

Something that I had never heard or seen I witnessed not only my childhood issues and insecurities but also my past life issues. My family issues also started resolving as I was working on myself.

Today I am not only feeling better mentally emotionally but also lot of improvement on physical level also.I would like to thank Manisha ji for helping me out going out of way to give me healing anytime I would ask for she was ready to help me out I was unaware of such modalities but she helped me with this process as I had lost hope and she not helped me to regain back my confidence at this age but she also helped me to improve my imbalanced nature which was one of the big reason of my physical pain that I had created for myself .

Thank you?