How to Use this time for Self- Healing

Yes, it is a difficult time.  It feels like suddenly the entire planet has been gripped by a monster, drowning everyone into anxiety and fear.  The anxiety of having to be in one place nearly locked up and the fear of what tomorrow will bring.  How much worst will the times get?  Some of us have busy lives.  We have packed calendars scheduled, time-tables, disciplined plans.  Some of us have irate travels.  Most of us have a life with absolutely no time for ourselves or our loved ones.

Now, suddenly we are instructed to stay home.  For a lot of us, this sudden slow-down in life becomes difficult to handle.  We are used to complaining that we do not have time for ourselves and our family, but now we have an overload of time and we do not know what to do with it.  Maybe talk a little, play with the kids for a while, watch Netflix and the news, but then how much can you do that.  So, through our conditioning, we go back to complaining about other things.  My question to you is, why can’t you be present in the present for once?  I understand it is inherent not to, in fact, I would say it is one of the most difficult activities of all, but now is the time on hand to do it or at least learn how to do it.  You don’t just have enough to watch a movie or the television with your family, but you have so much time on hand now that you can actually evaluate every bit of your family dynamics.  You can open up all your cupboards and take a look at what is in there and why.  There have been times you were so busy to even realise what you felt.  To celebrate an emotion or to maybe detox your body.  To catch up on that sleep or to just stop and think about an ace or a pain that your body was telling you about.  This time now can be used for self-growth, to clean up the garbage not just in your wardrobe but also inside of you.  To detox your body and flush out the negative elements that make you weak.  Here and now is where growth will take place and give you the energy to do better at your craft when you get back to work.

However, as human beings, we like to find things to worry about.  If we aren’t worried about something, we don’t feel like we are living.  Stop wasting this time, for millions of people all around the world are praying for this time to never come again.  What you have now is this day, this moment, this minute, this very second.  This solitude can become empowering if you choose so be present in the present consciously, understanding what is happening.  Look around you, the walls in which you live, the furniture, the people, look at your room, what are the things it holds.  Even if you choose to take a walk, which I would advise you not to, but if you still do, then be present at that moment.  Don’t look around to complain, but look around to cherish, to find not the negative but a glimpse of the positive you live around.  The times have shown you that it could be worst, but if you aren’t there yet, then at this moment the universe wants you to live and live well.

This time you can use to heal yourself.  To know yourself better.  To learn how to wipe out the negative thoughts through breathing exercises and fill your mind with what the present holds.  Become more aware.  Look now, take notes.  When you decide consciously to be in the present your anxiety of the future will be lesser.  You will be fearless for you will be enjoying the life that you are currently living.  Right now, living each day as it comes is all that we can do, then let us do that.  Let us heal ourselves and the people around us by being present in the present.  Difficult…yes it is true, but you have the time to make it possible.  I believe, we are where we are today, as we had to learn something even from this situation.


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