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How to Fight the invisible injury called “Depression”

“Depression” does it sound like an illness or a propaganda? Depression is not fussy, nor it is biased. It is pervasive, it doesn’t evade immunity. Despite all these threatening factors depression is still not been considered a threat. People talk about depression only when there is a certain outbreak involving influencing personalities. A certain type of perception has been created among the people against this invisible damage. There is a larger group of people who intend to hide and not discuss their pain, grief, and sorrow. People seal themselves and create a barrier around them.
It is very important to let go off your emotions, since it is not easy to confide your emotions during this situation one will always need effective treatment like counselling. Therapy can bring solutions and make you feel better. People still have misconception about counselling therapy. It is not only limited to discussing your past or present, therapy relinquish your negative thoughts filling your mind and heart with positive energy.
Some people who are suffering this bitter illness try to medicate themselves by experimenting with substances like drugs or alcohol leaving them addicted. These activities of not investing in therapy treatments often lead to suicidal thoughts within an individual.
Therapy helps people acquire new tools and ascertain suicidal emotions whenever they trigger. This act helps one to brawl constructively to invade depression and suicidal thoughts. But the question which arises in one’s mind is how would person asses this thought? How would one contrast suicidal thoughts due to depression and passing suicidal thoughts which can be common? Let’s us find some symptoms of a person facing this illness
• Shows mood swings
• Change in sleep pattern
• Acting recklessly
• Revenge seeking behaviour
• Finds no purpose in life
• Talks about own death
• Feels like trapped without any way out
• Get isolated from friend’s family losing interest in activities happening around them
Alternative Healing Therapies leads to recovery in a very fruitful way. A persistent mind and emotions start discharging positive thoughts enabling them to perform happy living. Treating depression with Medical Sciences and talk therapy has proven useful to many.
While there are many forms of depression, not all form of depression falls under the same degree. Depression can be triggered by physical illness and life crises and the symptoms vary for infants, elderly people, and adolescents. There can also be cases were certain patterns of depression are congenital. Therapies have the power to overpower negative memories and emotions since the outburst of feeling of a person suffering this illness varies depending on life experiences and age group. Therapy healing position positive energy balancing emotions and improving overall functioning.
Depression is hard to deal with and needs constant addressing and treatment. In severe cases, depression can lead to thoughts of physically harming oneself. Any thoughts on self-harming or not wanting to live should be taken seriously. Lend an ear to ones who are desperately in need, seek professional help if required. As depression can worsen without treatment and disturb a person’s quality of life.


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