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How Healing Therapy and Counselling

Manisha Agarwal talks about Healing Therapy and Councelling with Gayatri of Hello Mumbai News Team

Manisha Agarwal is a Healing Therapist and Counsellor. To know much of her practice on her profession, Gayatri from Hello Mumbai News Team met her to know the essence of the constitution of a family- how healing can mend the cracks in this union and what impact it has on the people who are a part of this structure. Excerpts of the conversation.

Gayatri: Tell me Manisha, how does a family groom the behavior of a person within itself?

Manisha: A family is the first institution that a child gets exposed to after coming out of a mother’s womb. The child gets to feel every emotion that his/her mother feels. The child gradually begins to build a connect with people surrounding the mother and is able to feel the warmth or comfort the mother feels.  This lingers in the subconscious mind and impacts the child’s behaviour when it comes into the outside world. The environment in which he/she grows helps her/ his structure, rectify or simply worsens his/her behavioural patterns thereon.

Gayatri: How important is it for us to take care of our mother if we need children with stable health and behavior?

Manisha: It is fundamental. As described earlier, the child is exposed to every emotion inside the womb as his/her mother is in the outside world.  If the mother is healthy, the child derives health.  If the mother is depressed and abused, the child derives insecurities and fear, if the mother is happy and excited about things, the child derives a more positive and emotional grooming.  This is carried forward when the child is actually born.  So it is indeed very pertinent to take care of our mother and make sure they have all the emotional support that is needed during her pregnancy.

Gayatri: In a broken family, what kind of behavior could you see in its people?

Manisha: In a negative family atmosphere, one would see aggression, physical and sexual abuse, fights and brawls and intemperate language.  In short, every negative emotional patterns in the people involved, the patterns will almost become a norm if not corrected.

Gayatri: How can healing help people who suffer from this kind of a family?

Manisha: Healing is a therapy that works right from the root of a person’s being.  It reverses negative emotions which may have been in existence since birth and tries to instill more positive and stable behaviour.  It works on the emotional well being to make the individual stronger in terms of self-esteem, thus impacting his/her behavior overall.

Gayatri: Can healing have a long term impact?

Manisha: Of course!  When an emotion is healed, it has a transgenerational impact.  From the individual who goes through regular healing, new emotional patterns starts that then pushes the others in the family to adapt and change their own patterns.  When feeling and emotions are set right from its root with the different processes of healing, the family begins to nurture stronger and stable individuals.  These sorted individuals contribute to better and balanced parenting thereon, thus creating a new level of emotional strong children with new and enhanced beliefs and behaviours. Healing can help you in every situation. Some way or the other one always benefit.

Gayatri: Thank you Manisha for your insightful sharing.  I figure healing can indeed have some very strong and positive transgenerational impacts and people who want to change an abusive family structure to a more conducive environment for their people and children who must look at healing as a very important aspect.


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