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Are you experiencing the symptoms of Depression?

Depression is a more intense term for Suppression. Have you ever come across a time in life where you really want to let out your anger or excitement, but you hold it inside and simply stay still for the benefit of others? Times when you feel immense sadness, fearful or anxious, but you keep it within, so that you don’t get your loved ones worked up? While you suppress these emotions inside of you, you slowly but surely begin to be consumes by them. You lose sleep, appetite, enthusiasm, interest and what is worst is, you also become prone to many health and behavioural impacts. We are not new to the concept of Depression. It is true that when a challenge hits you, you react to the best of your abilities. Your physical and mental being comes to your aid in the best possible way. The pain of getting over the death of a loved, a break up, the loss of a career, cheating, etc. all these external situations pushes you to react. Your reaction is at best what your mental and physical being is capable of. Someone explodes into rage and some others go into a silent zone. Both, have their own negative impacts on your body and mind. After fighting to stay afloat, when you get mentally drained and still see no change to the external situation, is when Depression begins to slowly take over. The feeling of helplessness, the shame of failure, the hurt of being separated from a loved one, the lack of enthusiasm, etc. are some of the emotions you may go through. Look carefully…nothing changes outside, it all just changes inside of you. The courage you initially showed with the external changes, consistently died out, while the external situation remained still. So if you want to stand up again with the same courage and get back to being happy and alive, what you need to change is what happened inside of you. If you try changing the outside you would further strain your own mental and physical self. Time and again there have been cases we have come across people who succumb to Depression and then there are stories of those who overcame its gravity. In today’s fast growing world, one would be hit by many reasons that would completely break their self esteem and confidence that perhaps may have taken years to be built. However, one who is aware, knows how to handle circumstances and sail through it all. Help is readily available to take you through this sailing process. To help manoeuvre you through the rough tides and take you safely to the shore. Professional counsellors, coaches and teachers are always standing in service. Therapy and many healing techniques that helps your brain to be able to function logically and handle your emotional imbalance is being improved everyday. You just need to seek, ask, call out and help will come through. Depression can be fatal only if you let it. Take control and show courage to fight against it.


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