Manisha Agrawal

I still imagine myself as a wandering girl, trying to find something, something that is mystical yet scientific. Right from my childhood, I always looked for predictability in an immensely chaotic environment.
I had an enormous fascination for playing cards, a memory from childhood days was when I had playing cards in my hands, I would forget to play because the characters from the cards would jump out and start talking to me. It felt surreal and I was ecstatic. Sadly, the characters would not stop there but follow me to school and everywhere else. These characters made me pay a heavy price. There were times, when I did not have answers for the academic question papers, and I did not want to write answers to make anyone happy. I always wanted to learn to the completion before answering any question. I soon dropped out of high school as I couldn’t find a connection with Shakespeare and Einstein. The characters from the playing cards were my world. Hiding away from family members. They had so much to talk and I could talk to them for hours.
I had a rough married life, I couldn’t sustain and dropped out of that too. I always felt like an alien and that I didn’t want others to pay the worth for my fantasies. Two beautiful daughters to look after and a whole new world ahead of me. Juggling the responsibilities of my daughters, I single-handled raised them to become successful. Today, my elder daughter is a successful Lawyer and the younger one is a practicing Doctor. My elder daughter is happily married now and the younger one is a successful Doctor . My daughters were the only reason that I kept going on in life. Life sure didn’t end for me right there. During this point, I found solace within the cards, these cards by then had progressed to Tarot cards. All this was nothing but magic for me. I got more familiar with tarot cards and tried to implement them and healing people. Soon I was no more an outsider to the world of tarot card Reading. I studied more about each character and symbol of the tarot card. It all had to start with me first. I took a leap of faith and pursued them further. I had to learn the healing and corrective techniques to channelize my energy to the people around me. As curious as I could get, I soon landed myself within the most mystic world of Occult Science. Having learned the corrective measures, I dared to peep deeper into people’s lives without the fear of being unable to do any correction.
In the past 10 years, I undertook the scientific study and mastered in the following areas;

Regression Therapy: Doctor Hans
Inner Child Therapy: Doctor Newton Kondaveti and Trisha Caetano, Doctor Gaurav Deka
Psycho-genomics of Disease: Doctor Gaurav Deka
Theta Healing: Geetanjali Saxena and Vianna Stibal
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Doctor Gaurav Deka
Family Consolation Therapy: Doctor Newton Kondaveti
Tarot Card Practice: Geetanjali Saxena
Hypnosis: California University
Sexual Abuse Relief Therapy: Trisha Caetano
Deep Memory Process: Juanita Puddifoot and Marion Boon
Athanasios Kominas and Tulin Etyemez
Travelling Through Frequencies: Guy Steven Needler
Life Between Life: California University, Gitanjali Saxena
Entity Release and Numerology: Numerous classes and training sessions under renowned practitioners.

These studies only show a way and strategies. The genuine outcome comes with “Inward Connect” to the dynamics of this mysterious science. For this, I must keep my aura strong and not let my “Tactile Cortex” be polluted. Virtue, discernment and affectability towards delicate powers of obscure domain are the way to progress.

Occult Science and Alternate Healing act as a powerful stimulant to resolve human complex issues.
Healing has a lot of benefits. It changes your life for the better. Each day becomes brighter, positive, and gives one a reason to live better and truly enjoy life. Irrespective of religion in both the world of science and spiritual, Occult healing is not just healing but balancing of life, while picking up new and better habits. The science of healing is all about the knowledge used around the world, acquired and implemented to transform the human body and mind into a quality with positive energy flow.
Although fascinating and effective, it is believed that modern life science is simply curative. On the contrary, “Alternative Healing” is the potential to “Unlock Your True Self”. There always will be a competition between “Mainstream Medical Science” and “Alternative Healing”. We are confident of the day when people will adopt these ancient techniques and remain naturally healthy, wealthy, and happy.

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